Tindall Automation offers patented patient lift systems designed to meet all needs from hospital, nursing home, or residential.  All of our systems are bariatric capacity capable.  All of our systems are "Hands Free", wireless remote controlled.


We have truly designed for complete safety for the patient while assuring the protection of the caregiver.  Our systems do not require multiple persons to operate.


Our Medical Lift Systems At A Glance

  • Ascension I    Ceiling mounted system
  • Ascension II   Portable Gantry mounted system
  • Ascension II-FA  Fixed Height, Adjustable Rail, Gantry Mounted System
  • Ascension II-AF  Adjustable Height, Fixed Rail, Gantry Mounted System
  • Ascension II-AA  Adjustable Height, Adjustable Rail, Gantry Mounted System
  • Ascension III  Ceiling mounted vehicle extraction system

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Tindall Automation offers patented victim extrication products and systems designed specifically for fire departments and first responders. 


Our Fire Department And First Responder Products At A Glance

  • TAC 1 AND TAC 2 Flexible Gurneys
  • A3-M  Manual Extrication System
  • A3-M-ORP  Manual Extrication System with Offroad Package
  • A3-M-P  Portable Manual Extrication System


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